A home for them too

The coral trees in our GOOODive nursery provide a safe home for 500 corals. Every week we go out with guests to clean and survey them. While doing this, we have noticed that coral is not the only resident hanging out in the trees, we have some smaller inhabitants as well. One of these newcomers is the Slender Filefish.

These little guys are very shy and like to take up camouflage and hide in and around the coral pieces, ropes and buoys that make up the nursery. These objects act as a protective home for them to swim around and feed unnoticed by larger fish. Every now and then they will get brave and swim out, or drift down from their safe hiding spot to another branch or another coral, and that is when you get a good chance to see them. It amazing how immediately our man-made coral nursery operation becomes a safe haven for more than just corals but fish as well.

If you are interested in finding these little stowaways plus getting involved in the underwater world in a new way sign, up for our Coral Restoration Foundation course.

If you wish to find out more about Fish and where the little ones like to hide, sign up for our Fish ID course.