Frequently Asked Questions

Can I re-fill tanks at any time of the day or night?
You can re-fill your tanks 7 days a week between 8:30am and 5pm which are the opening hours of our shop.

What if I do not want to re-fill my tanks and exchange them for full ones. Can I do that?
Yes you can, just choose one of our full tank cards or have 1 tank at a time with our ‘a la carte’ tank menu.
Do you have more filling points on the island?
No we do not. Our filling station is very conveniently centrally located and easy to find on the main road between the town and the hotel-strip in the north.
Can I rent 2 or 3 tanks and share one with my buddy?
No you cannot. Our tank re-fill packages are priced per person. Sharing 1 package between more than 1 person is not possible.

Can I pass by your shop at any time and sign up for a tank re-fill package?
Yes you can, availability permitting. We are open every day of the year from 8:30am till 5pm. Please note though that if you would like to benefit from package pricing you do need to book your preference in advance. When you come in and sign up for a tank re-fill package you will have to pay the daily rate for every day you dive.

Is it really necessary to reserve in advance?
No but it is smart. Reserving your preferred tank re-fill package guarantees not only availability, but it has more benefits;

1, You will be able to benefit from package discounts. (ex: Dive 6 days – pay for 5)
2, You will be able to benefit from our priority check-in. All paperwork will be taken care of prior to your arrival so the start of your dive trip runs smoothly and efficiently.

Other advantages are that we will check your dive equipment for safety and functionality before your first dive, free of charge and you will receive a 5% retail discount during your first diving day.

If we are not sure what exact equipment is best for us, can we try out the equipment before we buy it?
Yes you can. We have a ‘try-before-you-buy’ program which is free of any charges if you sign up on our website prior to your arrival.

Do you sell second hand equipment?
Yes we do. Twice per year we renew sections of our rental equipment. The first ‘second-hand- sale’ starts January the 10th of each year. The second ‘second-hand- sale’ starts on September the 10th.

What is the best time of the year to come diving on Bonaire?
The diving is great all year-round. The diving differs a little during each season; During Winter (Jan/Mar) the water temperature is “down” to 79f (26c)  but the visibility typically is the best and can go beyond 100ft (30m) . Winter is considered high-season which means the island is a little busier.

During Spring the water slowly warms up to 80f (27c) and the island occupancy goes down. May & June tend to be the slowest months which some find is brings them the best island experience. Summertime does not bring any changes to the temperature. During summer there will be more families vacationing on the island.

Fall may have some rainy days, it may bring an occasional wind-reversal caused by a passing hurricane. The water warms up all the way till 84F (29c) or a little higher. The visibility however tends to be the least with an average of 60ft (18m). Great time to witness coral spawning!

Do you offer package deals when I want to dive for a longer period of time?
Yes we do. We offer tank re-fill packages that already start when diving for 6 consecutive days. If you want to learn more about our tank re-fill package rates  enter your email on our home page. You will be directed right away to our latest tank re-fill packages. Tip: You may also check out our website for seasonal offers during slow-season!

Do you offer boat diving?
Yes we do. We can arrange for you to charter a boat and create a customized diving trip for you and your party. Since we do not have our own boat, these trips cannot be packaged. We can package regular 1-tank and 2-tank shore diving trips for you though.

If your question hasn’t been answered, feel free to email us and we will respond shortly.