Kids make bubbles too!

Kids see the world in a totally different way than adults do.  Teaching kids to blow bubbles is a very rewarding and unique experience for both the kid and the instructor involved.  For kids, everything is exciting and they don’t see diving as something to be afraid of but something to be open to try and have fun doing.

They see the underwater world as a different place to go and play with the fish.  They see the opportunity to hang out underwater, blow bubbles and make new friends with the creatures they meet.  They walk away from the experience forever changed by the time they spent in the ocean, grateful for the experience and more aware of all the amazing things that life has to offer them.

Our Dive Instructor Lucia observes the kids in her courses and has some insight on their experience in the water.

“Kids have an adventurous spirit that makes them almost fearless.  They are willing and open to trying anything in the water like swimming upside down, doing underwater somersaults, and swimming like different types of fish while blowing bubbles.  If you show them how to do it, they will gladly try it out.”

Kids can start diving as early as 8 years old by taking a Bubblemaker course.  This introduces kids to the water and the equipment as well as all the fun of diving.  They really enjoy this program because they get to try something that they perceive as ‘very grownup’ and they really take to the challenge.

The course is set to their pace and their interests. Kids really thrive in this type of environment.  If they enjoy fish, then we learn more about identifying different types of fish. If they enjoy underwater drawing, then we draw.  If they enjoy underwater wiggling,giggling and bubbling, well they become instant underwater experts like us!

With their underwater diving success and completion of the Bubblemaker, they feel extra proud that they have tackled something they have only seen mom and dad be able to do. Now they can do it too!