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Bart was born and raised in the Netherlands. He started diving in Zeeland and quickly decided that his love for the ocean and his curiosity could be rewarded through diving. He followed all the recreational courses and became a dive professional to have a fun job and to teach people quality diving. Through his training he realized that he enjoyed Deep diving and became a Tec Diver and later a Tec Instructor. He enjoys teaching people how to dive from the beginner level all the way up to Tec 50, Divemaster and Assistant Instructor.

“I enjoyed every step of my journey in diving. As an Instructor I share my experiences with my students and enjoy helping them discover their own journey in diving.”

Boy was born in the Netherlands.  He had always been fascinated with the underwater world and would learn through T.V and Discovery Channel, but wanted to really experience it for himself. He started diving in the Netherlands as a way to satisfy these interests and to try something new.  Later that same year he was certified as a Dive Master and moved to Bonaire to pursue this career further.  Boy knows all the great dive sites on Bonaire, and especially enjoys diving the Southern tip.  Boy also enjoys drift diving, wrecks and the technical side of diving, as well as being active in Coral Restoration.

“Curiosity lead me into diving and from it I have found a career and experiences I really enjoy everyday.”

Esther was born and raised in the Netherlands. While traveling to Bonaire she decided to try out diving for something fun to experience with her friends while on vacation. She immediately fell in love with being underwater and the peacefulness of diving. She became a Dive Professional and enjoys passing on her passion for diving with her students. She especially loves night diving and Coral Restoration.  She is an amazing guide, very patient, knowledgeable and loves to interact with all the creatures underwater.

“Scuba Diving is life changing. You move beyond what you think is scary into something that is beautiful”

Janneke was born in the Netherlands. She traveled to South-East Asia for 6 months and while there learned to dive. She became a professional diver after realizing that she could teach diving, be involved in tourism and still continue to enjoy her traveling as well. She loves the combination of training, teaching, and having fun with divers.   She loves to help guests get the most out of diving on Bonaire, either thru advise on dive sites or with guided dives.  She really enjoys hunting Lion Fish, Bonaires macro life and being involved in Coral Restoration.

“I was looking for a new experience, to expand my skills and challenge myself. Diving was the perfect way to do that. I was inspired and changed the moment I went underwater and saw all the beautiful fish and marine life.”

Lucia was born in the USA. She started diving  in the Turks & Caicos to satisfy her adventurous side and to learn more about the ocean and its marine life.  She was immediately hooked, especially enjoying the freedom of diving and the feeling of being weightless.  She was certified as a professional diver to be able to share her passion for diving with others.  She loves diving on Bonaire, as it is full of many hidden treasures and she enjoys sharing this with our guests.  Her love for diving as well as her belief in the importance of ocean protection and Coral Restoration, make her an excellent guide and professional.

“There is nothing better than to have the ocean for your office.  I want to show people how to enjoy the ocean as well as how to protect it.”

Matthew was born and raised in England. His enjoyment of snorkeling led him to diving and he became certified in England. He decided to become a dive professional as a way to give something back to his local dive club and to keep his own skills up to date. He enjoys passing on his diving knowledge and seeing it result in making his students stronger and more capable divers.  On his weekends he is often out diving the many reefs and Lionfish Hunting.  He also enjoys Wreck diving, Deep diving and Sidemount diving.

“I strive to provide a solid learning base for my students so they not only become divers, but become really confident through their training and skill development.”

Menno was born and raised in the Netherlands.  While on vacation in Bonaire  he took his certification course and following that decided to move to Bonaire.  He became a Dive Professional and opened a bed and breakfast on Bonaire where he would teach the guests that came to stay.  He realized he wanted to have a full dive retail/service operation on Bonaire and opened GOOODive Bonaire.  He enjoys Lionfish hunting and underwater videography.

“I grew from diving for myself to wanting to show this underwater world to other people.  I want to make divers more aware and have more fun while being underwater.”

Pauline was born and raised in France. Her studies in marine biology lead her to diving, as she wanted to see what was underwater. She started diving and completed her certification in Slovenia. She became a Dive Master to be able to dive more and perfect her own diving skills.  Her love for diving on Bonaire keeps her busy underwater.  She enjoys drift dives, night dives and anything to do with protecting and preserving the underwater environment.  She is a very patient dive guide and enjoys fish and creature id, and sharing her experience with others. 

“I want to show the beauty of the underwater world to our guests and to help divers improve skills and enjoy their diving more.”

Tina was born and raised in the USA. She grew up in the dive industry as her parents were both Dive Instructors and owned a dive shop. She completed her scuba certification while on vacation in Bonaire. She became a Dive Professional and enjoys teaching people how to develop their skills and confidence underwater. She enjoys underwater photography, Fish Behaviors and Fish ID as well as Coral Restoration.  

“Scuba diving has defined my life. I love sharing my passion for this sport with people and seeing how their world changes, expands and grows through diving.”

“Great Dive Shop”

“Great service, nice shop and merchandise with good prices. The service and advice were so good, we decided to take our advanced diver and nitrox courses. Instructor was excellent with lots of very useful advice and tips. Shop staff were very friendly and helpful. This is the best dive shop, not only on the island but in the Caribbean.”

Leo Pavliv – Nashville, USA

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