My hour with a seahorse.

There are many small fish in the ocean but there is something particularly special about a seahorse that commands one’s attention in a very big way. Seahorses, I’ve decided, are mesmerizing. Every blink of their eye, every minuscule movement of their “tail,” every head bob is like watching a newborn baby.

Each moment is packed full of anticipation on what the seahorse may do next. I felt that the seahorse was very much at ease with his surroundings, almost as if he understood that he was the focal point of the area and that he was very deserving of my attention.

During the hour with the seahorse, I experienced a refreshing sense of peace, a time where I could fully relax and enjoy the tiniest movements and expressions of this magical creature. I was impressed with the personality, if you will, that the seahorse exuded; a blend between a wise gentleman who understands the beauty of stillness and the importance of “pause” mixed with the curiosity, playfulness and sense of humor about himself that an inquisitive toddler displays. I am very lucky to have been in the company of a seahorse for an hour and I must say, my experience was so serene and magical, that I dreamed of seahorses all night long