Rescue Diver: The turning point

If you ask any dive professional what their favorite course was throughout their training, most will say the rescue program. This is because it is the first time divers are asked to look, act and make judgment calls beyond their own needs and to see the needs of those around you.  

“My Rescue Diver course was a ‘dive’ changing experience. I was suddenly more aware of myself and my surroundings and felt more confident knowing what could happen and not just rely on the Dive Guides knowledge. It was such an interesting and fun course, I wish I had done it sooner!” Janneke (Dive Team Leader and Instructor at GOOODive)

The Rescue Diver course focuses on assisting divers in need and risk assessments.  You learn how to be able to turn precious moments into those that count and can make a difference. It guarantees a fun, challenging and rewarding time you are proud to have participated in.

During the Rescue course, you will:

  • learn self-rescue skills
  • learn & practice rescue skills to help others
  • learn how to spot problems before they occur
  • learn how to solve them when they do
  • become a more competent and confident diver
  • open your eyes wider and move from checking gear to solving gear issues  

You are sure to leave the Rescue Diver Course with a new level of confidence and skills to be a more aware diver. Also through the process, you become a better buddy and will be able to make a positive change in a rescue situation, should you ever find yourself in one.

“My eyes were suddenly open to all the actions of those around me. I could see what steps to take in different situations and how to help solve small problems up front, and how to think through the larger ones. It was a fun way to handle problem management and I learned a lot about myself and my diving. This course was the turning point for me, when I realized that I wanted to become a Dive Professional and to make a career out of this sport.” Tina (Instructor and General Manager at GOOODive)

We think this is a course every diver should add to their certifications. This course is the only course you can do that benefits you as well as other divers. For this reason we have decided to make the month of May, ‘Rescue May’ and offer our Rescue course at a big discounted rate, to enable everyone to participate. GOOODive Bonaire. Diving Fun for Everyone!