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Browse our wide range of diving equipment, accessories and clothing displayed in our comfortable air conditioned showroom. Whether your priority is the best price, the best quality or the latest technology, you will find it here.

Our ‘Try Before You Buy’ program helps people make the right decisions about which dive products to buy.

We know the only way to be truly sure you are buying the right mask is to dive  it. We are very confident we will find the right mask for you and we offer a 24 hour ‘Try Before Buy’ Program that allows you to dive a mask before committing to buying it, because we know your choice matters. 

Our retail store has a personal changing room so you can also try any wetsuit, rashguard or t-shirt on first to ensure you are happy with them.

If you are looking for a ‘goood’ deal, check out our sales section.

In store you can find some really ‘goood’ deals on new and ex-rental equipment. It gets regularly updated, so be sure to check in from time to time to see whats new.

Cressi Air
Travel BCDs

Was: $399
Now: $350



Were: $99.95
Now: $49.95


NEW: $279
USED: $175


Akona Boots

Were: $55/$60
Now: $30/$35

Short Sleve 

Were: $24.95
Now: $9.95

Quantum Stretch
3mm Wetsuits

Were: $189
Now: $165

Dive Rite 
Nomad LT/LTZ
Sidemount System

Were: $499/$579
Now: $450/$550

MC5 Din

NEW: $720
USED: $300

Our onsite Equipment Maintenance Technician can assist you in making sure your scuba equipment is in perfect working order for every dive.

We know your scuba equipment is your life support system underwater. It is very important to make sure to maintain it to ensure that it is in good working condition for every dive. Seals dry out, o-rings break, especially if the equipment has not been used in a while. Sand, salt and chlorine can corrode your regulator and BCD affecting their performance and reliability. It is necessary to have your gear serviced regularly.

Equipment Repair Services at GOOODive

General Equipment Maintenance Checks – for both BCD’s and Regulators are a great way to ensure your equipment is working correctly. We check for leaks, wear and tear on the equipment, hoses and mouth pieces.

We check your regulator’s intermediate pressure for the best breathing efficiency and re-adjust it should it be needed.

Full Regulator Servicing – This involves inspecting for wear or corrosion inside the regulator and replacement of any damaged parts. Regulators are cleaned thoroughly, parts replaced, reassembled, readjusted to manufacturer’s specifications and subjected to a water test while pressurized to ensure everything is ready to go diving.

Our onsite Certified Repair Technician will help maintain your equipment so it continues to work well and lasts longer!

If you have questions regarding maintenance for your equipment contact us to find out how we can help.

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