Air & Nitrox DIY

We have a clean and affordable DIY refill station for Air & Nitrox diving on Bonaire, what more do you need!?

We pride ourselves in knowing what divers find important when they need tank fills. Divers want clean, dry, filtered, air & nitrox from a reliable fill-station so they can have safe, fun diving. They want to have easy access to full tanks which have a good working valve and a new o-ring and they want them at a ‘goood’ price! You came to the right place.

The heart of our company is our state-of-the-art, one-of-a-kind, DIY tank re-fill station. In November 2014 after many months of designing and building the perfect system we were in the position to offer divers what they need. Easy affordable access to quality air and nitrox tanks and fills.

After 2 years of refining our system, the heart of our company works perfectly. We are very proud to say that we have a set-up dive operations dream about.

Find out what we can offer you:  Air/Nitrox Packages

You can have high expectations and get great savings when you reserve your air & nitrox tank re-fill package at GOOODive. Our DIY tank re-fill station is easy to use and for the past 2 years has been providing divers with the perfect solution for their diving needs. We guarantee that you will always:

  • Get the tank fill you want

  • Have a new o-ring in your tank

  • Have a full tank when you need one.

  • Pay less than anywhere else on Bonaire.

Reserve your air & nitrox tank re-fill package with us.

  • Your Marine Park Orientation will be personalized to your level of island and dive site knowledge.
  • Accelerated check-in. We know when you arrive, what you will need and can have it ready and waiting for you. Arrive and dive!
  • We know our maximum capacity and we will never accept more reservations than we can handle. We will always be able to provide you with a way to dive.
  • Island power cuts do not bother us, we have our very own back-up generator, so tank re-fills are guaranteed.
  • You will not be losing any time. Refilling your tank only takes a few minutes. Your tank is full again before you are finished rinsing your equipment.

We look forward to helping you make your reservation with us.

“Good, better, best!”

“We rented our tanks from GOOODive Bonaire this past week. The “do it yourself” tank fills makes everything really convenient as you get what you need when you need it. Don’t let the “yourself” part make you nervous, Every time we filled tanks, Esther, Menno, Matthew or another staff member would pop out to check on how things were going. This is a fun group and watching them with other customers, they really do take the time to make everyone feel important. You won’t be treated like a number and rushed through the store. Plus, the prices for tank rentals are really good….make that GOOOD.”

Meredith Conner – Cinccinate,USA

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  • Tailored air/nitrox rental packages.
  • Nitrox Certification.
  • Best priced air and nitrox on the island .
  • Unlimited diving with our self-service fill station.