Emergency First Responder


Learn to respond correctly in a medical emergency.

Duration: 1 Day course
Price         : $149 (DEAL: $75 during “Rescue May”)

Course participants learn to follow easy steps for emergency care and practice applying skills in a fun and non-stressful learning environment.

This course focuses on building skills, increasing confidence and teaching you the steps and techniques for handling life-threatening emergencies. You’ll learn and practice skills regarding non-breathing, no heartbeat, possible spinal injury, shock or patients who may have serious bleeding. You’ll learn how to perform CPR and continue to monitor the patient, so that you provide every possible chance of survival while waiting for emergency medical services to arrive.

Because many medical conditions are not life-threatening and emergency medical services are sometimes delayed or unavailable, this course also teaches you how to provide first aid that eases pain and reduces the risk of further harm. You’ll learn to assess a variety of injuries and illnesses and practice bandaging and splinting.

We also focus on CPR training and teaching you how to use an AED (automated external defibrillator).

EFR Refresher

It’s a good idea to refresh your CPR and first aid skills every 24 months, and that’s what the EFR Refresher course is designed to do. Focusing on key skills, the course allows you to stay up-to-date and ready to lend aid when needed.

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