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Become a Dive Professional with GOOODive Bonaire.

Have you always dreamt of having the ocean as your office and making a living out of your dive hobby and interests? Training to become a PADI Divemaster is the perfect step  for divers to take to develop their own skills to a professional level and standard or to start their career in diving.

Divemaster Course with GOOODive

Duration: 2 weeks + 1 week internship for FREE!
Price         : $899 (Save $100 + in November 2018)

GOOOD Divemaster DEAL in NOVEMBER 2018
Be a Divemaster for only $799 with an EXTRA 25% off
if you are in a  Divemaster buddy team. (2 people)

During your PADI Divemaster course we will give you the information and training needed to complete your certification over a 2 week program.  There will be skills and dives to increase your awareness,​ knowledge and confidence as a dive leader.  You will learn to look at other divers, to ​see to their needs, comfort and help their overall enjoyment and safety throughout a dive.​ You will refine all your diving skills to a professional standard and review and refresh your rescue skills to ensure you are capable and up to date should the need ever arise. Together with our dedicated and professional staff, we will develop you into the Divemaster you wish to become.

As a Divemaster you can:

  • Work around the world as a Dive Leader and Dive Guide
  • Be a role model to students and certified divers with good dive skills and knowledge
  • Help divers make the most out of their dive with education, advice and local dive knowledge about dive sites and attractions
  • Take divers out on a guided trip from boats or from the shore
  • Refresh skills from divers that haven’t been in the water for a while
  • Assist instructors during courses with the students

At the completion of your Divemaster program, you can take advantage of a Free week long Divemaster Internship and put your new skills and knowledge into real life practice.  By shadowing our dive staff, you will get to work alongside our Divemasters and Instructors, share insights and observations as well as get  hands on experience at what it means to guide and teach divers on Bonaire.

The ‘GOOOD’ Divemaster Experience

Price         : $250* (1 week)
                       $400* (2 weeks)

If you’ve already a certified Divemaster and are looking for real life experience, then sign up for this program and go behind the scenes to see how a dive center is run and operated. You will get the chance to see how  dive masters and instructors work, while they support and give you practical advice along the way. At the end or your  GOOOD Divemaster Experience you will be able to easily conduct and plan your own guided diving trips, advise guests about popular dive sites on Bonaire, and be able to assist them with the process of going diving. If you have just arrived on Bonaire and would like to make yourself more attractive to local employers, this program will help give you the information and training needed to further your local employment goals.

* Price is not including PADI materials, tanks and equipment.

Make the ocean your office today and become a PADI Divemaster with us!

Reserve online & benefit from:

• You are guaranteed that your spot in this popular course/activity is reserved.

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