Little ones can explore the underwater world on Bonaire too!

Kids can come and play while parents have a great diving holiday.
Our staff loves kids and we have created some fun programs for the kids to enjoy.

Kids Club

This half day program focuses on the exploration of the island, above and underwater. Meet new creatures, explore the sea and be creative during this fun morning or afternoon.

Age   :  5 – 10 years old
Price:  $60


Let your kids enjoy the underwater world with this great 3-hour Bubblemaker course! We will explain them the basics of diving and play in the shallow water. Right away we will be off to explore the sea, watching fish and looking at the creatures in a fun way.

Age   :  minimum 8 years old
Price:  $80

Snorkeling Trip

Have the kids join us for one of our snorkeling trips. This is a 1 or 2 snorkel trip where we will teach them how to use a mask and snorkel swimming around in the shallows. A great way to start their ocean adventure!

Price 1 snorkel session   : $35 (1 hour)
Price 2 snorkel sessions : $60 (2 hours)


Mathew made my experience at GOOODive amazing! He made sure that I understood a topic before moving on. He made sure that we had fun, but I also learned. Mathew made GOOODive prove its name!!!!

Anthony Novokshanov – Georgia, USA

Reserve online & benefit from:

• Guaranteed availability for your reserved course
• Flexibility in your start date
• Going private and having 1 on 1 tuition
• 10% retail discount on any store purchase during your course

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