Scuba Review


Review your scuba skills to be prepared for the best diving in Bonaire.

Duration: 3-4 hours
Price         : $65* (All-In for $99)**
Private    : $85* (All-In for $119)**

If you are a certified diver but it’s been a while (PADI recommends after 6 months of inactivity) since you went diving, or you are not feeling confident about a certain part of the diving process, a scuba review will resolve this. For example, we could focus on buoyancy control, equipment setup or out-of-air drills. We offer a tailor-made training scuba review and open water dive to get you comfortable in the water again.

Your scuba review will consist of having a brief discussion with your instructor to identify what it would be helpful for you to focus on. We will then resolve any issues, fill any knowledge gaps and head out to our open water training site to practice skills, perform buoyancy checks and then head out for an open water dive.

This is a great way to get comfortable again in the water and give you the confidence to head off on your own and explore the rest of the island’s amazing dive sites.

* Price is including an instructor (not including tanks and equipment).
** Package deal: Book your Scuba Review ALL-IN for only $99 (Private: $119). This includes an instructor, equipment and a tank.


“We took a refresher from Gooodive and rented all our gear from them for the week. Their prices are great and their service is outstanding! Thanks to Matthew for his patience while I worked out a credit card issue, and for his excellent refresher course. He really is Something Special (ha!)”.

Robert Allen – Midvale, Vermont,USA

Develop your diving skills.

We’re here to deliver the right training solution for you. We can:

  • Develop your diving skills with personalised training.
  • Provide you with an instructor to deliver some bespoke training.
  • Give you focused attention on any aspects of diving you are struggling with.

If you have any questions, feel free to fill out the form and we will answer any queries you have.