Specialty Training

GOOODive specialties are a fun way to expand your dive skills and increase your limits.

Some of our favorite Specialties are:

AWARE Fish Identification
Learn all about how to identify fish and find out what goes on in their fascinating lives.

Coral Restoration Diver
Add some love into your diving and help us create a reef!

Deep Diver
Learn how to extend your depth limit safely from 18m./60ft. to 30m./100ft.

Digital Underwater Photography Diver
Learn how to take pictures underwater, our instructor gives you our tips & tricks!

Drift Diving 
Learn how to ‘go with the flow’.

Enriched Air/Nitrox Diver
Get certified and breath Nitrox!

Lion Fish Hunter
An invasive species in Bonaire, join us for the hunt to keep the reef healthy!

Navigation Diver
Be the diver that knows where to go!

Night Diver
Learn what happens on the reef at night!

Peak Performance Buoyancy Diver
Learn how to fine-tune your buoyancy, enabling you to relax more while you dive and extend your bottom time.

Sidemount Diver
Learn a different diving configuration where you carry 2 cylinders on your sides.

Wreck Diver
Learn how to discover and navigate artificial reefs and wrecks safely.

These specialties are a really good way to take your diving to the next level.

If you are a certified diver wanting to expand your skill set, Bonaire is the ideal location to do this due to our constant calm and warm water conditions.

Depending on where your interests lie, we will happily assist you in explaining, teaching and guiding you towards specialty success!


Best deal for air/nitrox! Very friendly folks here!

GOOODive and its staff are top notch professionals and so helpful. I got certified for Lion Fish hunting here and it was so much fun. We plan to return to GOOODive for years to come!! Very nice dive shop!!

Heidi Lotus
New Hampshire, USA

Gain special diving skills!

We’re here to deliver the right training solution for you. We can:

• Develop your diving skills with personalized training.
• Provide you with an instructor to deliver some bespoke training.
• Give you focused attention on any aspects of diving you want to become an expert in.

If you have any questions, feel free to fill out the form and we will answer them.