AWARE-Fish Identification Specialty


Learn how to identify the marine life you are looking at during this fun fish course!

Duration: 2 Dives (1 Day)

Price         : $149*

Do you know what you are looking at during a dive? “What was that fish” is a commonly heard question after a dive. Become the scuba diver with the answers instead of the one asking all the questions. Take the AWARE – Fish Identification Specialty course so you can recognize the fish and creatures that you see underwater.  You will enjoy your dives more once you can easily recognize and identify the fish families and their characteristics. Also, you can use this courses information anywhere in the underworld! The markings and names might be slightly different per region but the techniques used and the families will be the same.

During the AWARE-Fish Identification Specialty dives you will learn:

•  Learn how to identify characteristics of local fish families and species 

  • Learn how to use Local Guide Books and Slates to increase your Fish ID skills and continue to independently learn unknown species

•  Learn how to make a Fish survey using common techniques and strategies.

• Learn about different activities that can help protect aquatic life.

You need to be at least 10 years old and an entry level Scuba Diver.

* Price is including PADI materials, course materials, certification and an instructor (not including tanks and equipment).


Reserve online & benefit from:

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