Deep Diver Specialty



Add more depth to your dives….extend your limits on Bonaire with us. 

 4 Dives (2 – 3 days)
Price         : $299*

Most divers soon feel the urge to dive deeper. It’s exciting and opens up a whole new range of sites, activities and creatures and that are rarer in shallower depths. The PADI Deep Diver course develops your confidence and capabilities to plan and execute dives down to a depth of 40 meters/130 feet, which is the maximum limit for all recreational dive planning.  The Deep Diver Specialty consists of 4 dives focusing on deep diving equipment, planning, buddy procedures, air supply management and narcosis as well as safety concerns, considerations and planning.

To enroll in the PADI Deep Diver Specialty, you need to have earned the PADI Adventure Diver rating or an equivalent with another certification agency and be at least 15 years old.

 *  Price is including PADI materials, course materials, certification and an instructor (not including tanks and equipment).

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