Drift Specialty


Learn to Drift dive and see more along the coasts of Bonaire.

Duration: 2 Dives (1 Day)
Price           : $149

Drift diving is about going with the flow, and using ocean currents to propel you along the reef while you float along effortlessly, watching aquatic life, corals, endless seascape and different underwater formations pass on by.

The PADI Drift Diver Specialty is a course that embraces how to hover along and see where the aquatic currents take you.  This course teaches you how to adjust and work with buoyancy control, consider and plan for navigation, focus on communication and buddy contact techniques, all while riding the oceans underwater movements.  This course is definitely a fun and relaxed way to see a lot of Bonaire’s reefs, as well as learn to go with the flow and how to handle it safely. 

To enroll in the Drift Diving Specialty, you need to have an Open Water or Junior Open Water certification or equivalent certification from another agency and be at least 12 years old.

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