Peak Performance Buoyancy Diver Specialty


Improve your buoyancy & air consumption and dive more!

Duration: 2 dives (1 Day)

Price         : $149*

Perfect buoyancy control is what all divers strive to achieve. It enables you to glide through the water effortlessly, consume less air, to descend and ascend safely and to hover almost as if by thought! The PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty allows you to continue your practice with buoyancy control and to improve these necessary skills so you can become a better diver.

In this specialty we teach you how to correctly estimate your weight, how to distribute your weights for better body positioning, as well as gain better control underwater through streamlining, breathing and alternative kick styles.  We highly recommend this course as good buoyancy control is key to all aspects of diving and dive training.   

 * Price is including PADI materials, course materials, certification and an instructor (not including tanks and equipment).

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