Sidemount Diver Specialty

Sidemount: Two tanks, more air, double your diving time on Bonaire!

Duration: 4 Dives (2-3 days)
Price         : $325 ALL-IN!!! 
Private    : $375 ALL-IN

Sidemount diving is basically a different equipment configuration to regular diving. Normally you wear your scuba tanks on your back. With Sidemount diving you wear 1 or 2 tanks on your side. This setup provides lots of additional benefits over regular back mounted scuba diving.

You can easily attach your cylinders in water which makes getting in and out of the ocean very easy.

The BCD is fully adjustable so it can be fitted to any sized individual.
You have 2 totally independent air supplies, making it very safe.

You can adjust your buoyancy so you are completely balanced. The setup is fully customizable so you can arrange it to be just right for you. It’s a great first step if you are considering exploring technical diving.

The Sidemount Diver specialty involves 1 open water training session and 3 Open Water dives. You learn how to setup and configure your Sidemount diving equipment properly so it works for you.

You learn how to trim your weights so you are perfectly balanced, learn gas management, when to switch between cylinders and how to respond correctly to potential problems when Sidemount diving.

To enroll in the Sidemount Diver specialty you need to have gained an entry level scuba diving certification and be at least 15 years old.

More air = more time diving the best dive sites on Bonaire.


Reserve online & benefit from:

• Guaranteed availability for your reserved course
• Flexibility in your start date
Going private and having 1 on 1 tuition
• 10% retail discount on any store purchase during your course

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