Special Dive Trips

GOOODive’s ‘Special Dive Trips’ offer amazing dive opportunities.

Bonaire has a lot to offer and is called ‘Divers Paradise’ for a good reason.  So it is important to  make sure you see the best Bonaire has to offer. We have put together a list of our favorite dive sites and would love to show you the beautiful fish and marine life you can find on these sites.

We have transportation, equipment and/or tanks upon request if you would like to travel light. Not sure about getting in and out of the water? Our dive guides can assist you and are happy to provide assistance with all aspects of the diving process. 

Some of ours and our customers’ favorite GOOODive specials are:

Coral Restoration Dive

Help restore and keep the reef healthy with our Coral Restoration Dive!


La Dania’s Leap

Leap in for an adventurous experience and an amazing drift dive.


The Hilma Hooker

Discover this famous 30 year old wreck with us.


‘Get Wrecked Tour’

Join us on this 1 fun dive to see 3 different wrecks.


Ostracod Dive

Join us once a month for this unique display of underwater light and courtship.


Night Dive

Experience the dramatic change of day to night underwater with us.


Salt Pier

Join us on a dive to the Salt Pier and see with your own eyes how amazing this dive site is. Especially good in the afternoon!


Lion Fish Hunt

Join the hunt, protect the reef from this invasive species and catch your own dinner!


National Park

Would you like to dive in the National Park? Let us guide you on some of our favorite dive sites in the park.


“Great Dive Shop”

“Great service, nice shop and merchandise with good prices. The service and advice were so good, we decided to take our advanced diver and nitrox courses. Instructor was excellent with lots of very useful advice and tips. Shop staff were very friendly and helpful. This is the best dive shop, not only on the island but in the Caribbean.”

Leo Pavliv – Nashville, USA

Contact us

We’re here to assist you in having a ‘GOOOD’ time on Bonaire. We can:

  • Give you advice and guidance on which dive sites are right for you.
  • Guide you around the best dive sites on the island and show you the best underwater creatures Bonaire has to offer.
  • Equip you with quality dive equipment that is right for you.
  • Book All-In and let us organize everything to add extra comfort to your dives.

If you have any questions, please fill out the form and we will get back to you with the answer.