Cai – East Coast Dive

CAI is an east-coast dive where you can expect a lot of fish, a great and exiting adventure with a lot of variety in topography. It has the easiest entrance and exit of the entire island but don’t let that fool you. It is difficult to navigate due to areas of low visibility and strange and unpredictable currents. It is a long and shallow dive that will take you through different habitats and topographies, each with its own specific features and creatures. The dive starts at only 7 meters/20 feet in the channel towards the outer reef where you will see high concentrations of fish, a good chance on juvenile lobster and the highest count of giant anemones. Where it gets a little deeper we enter the area known as “the tarpon pit”. Here you may be able to see as many as 60 tarpons (and sometimes even more!) hanging out together. The outer reef has a nice hard coral coverage as well as many large gorgonians. The many ledges and openings between the corals make great resting places for turtles, morays and lobsters and an occasional surprise.

Some of the other unusual fish we often see on this dive are the three bigger parrot fish species, the rainbow-, midnight and blue parrot fish, large in size and in numbers Cubera Snappers, Dog Snappers, Tiger Grouper and Yellow Fin Grouper.

Max. 18 meters/60 feet

Diver requirements:
It is a dive for the more adventurous divers among us and you do need to be physically fit and able to dive for at least 60 minutes on a regular 80 cft. tank.

*Price: $59
*All-In: $114

* Prices are per person.
* All-In includes the guide, equipment, tank and transportation.


Have a great and exciting diving adventure on the East-Coast!