La Dania’s Leap to Karpata


La Dania’s Leap to Karpata

This amazing drift dive starts with a small walk down from the road over big coral rock formations. Near the ocean there is a platform where we do our giant stride entry into the water. The north part of the island has some beautiful rock formations what makes this area worthwhile to look at from the surface as well as underwater. Due to the topography of this dive, the only exit will be at Karpata making it a drift dive.
When in the shallow part of this dive site, it feels like swimming in a big coral garden. With a lot of soft corals, you also have a big chance to see turtles who are hiding/sleeping in the soft corals.
When we go a little bit deeper, you have a good chance to see spotted eagle rays or tarpons who are passing by in the open water. Past 18 meter/60 feet there are more hard corals and the ridges go down steeper which makes the topography of this dive also very interesting.

5 meter/15 feet – 30+ meter/100+ feet

Diver requirements:
You need to be a certified diver (Open water).

*Price: $55
*All-In: $110

* Prices are per person.
* All-In includes the guide, equipment, tank and transportation.

“The #1 dive on the island of Bonaire.”