Lion Fish Hunt


Lion Fish Hunt

Native to the Indo-Pacific region and with no natural predators in the Atlantic and Caribbean, the Lion fish population has been growing and spreading at an alarming rate and displacing the native marine species. Right now divers are the best and only defense against controlling this spreading disaster. To assist us in culling the population of Lion fish in the waters around Bonaire, we say join the hunt! Not only to you catch your own dinner you help protect the ecosystem by signing up for this dive.


Max. 30 meters/100 feet

Diver requirements:
You need to be a certified Lion Fish Hunter.
Find more information about becoming a certified Lion Fish Hunter here:

Lion Fish Hunter Specialty

*Price: $49

*All-In: $104

* Prices are per person.
* All-In includes the guide, equipment, tank and transportation.

Hunt Lion Fish and protect the reef!