Night Dive


Night Dive

Let us show you the beauty of the ocean after sunset! The darkness transforms the sea into a completely different world compared to dives during day light. While the Parrot fish are going to sleep in their bubble, and damsel fish and chromis are heading back to their safe coral homes, the creatures that hide during the day will slowly start to come out. Moray eels start to hunt, octopuses search for their meals and lobsters walk around on the reef. With your light ready and your guide by your side you will experience and see some of the greatest creatures you would not easily encounter during day dives. Expand your diving experience and comfort level with this amazing night dive.

Max. 18 meters/60 feet

Diver requirements:
You need to be a certified diver (Open Water).

*Price: $45

* Prices are per person.

Night diving on Bonaire, experience the transformation under water!