Salt Pier


Salt pier

The Salt Pier is a man-made pier that supports a conveyor belt that takes the salt from our iconic southern salt mountains and deposits that salt into waiting ships. Due to this the Salt Pier is a totally different sort of dive site compared to the beautiful reefs and dive sites along the west coast on Bonaire. Over the years, the pillars that support this structure have grown all kinds of sponges and corals to create a unique home for all kinds of macro life.  Also, the shade created by the pier offers a hiding place for schooling fish like grunts and snappers to gather in. Barracudas, turtles, and squid are often seen here, and spotted eagle rays can be seen cruising the shallows. In the afternoon, this dive site will reveal its’ true beauty when the sun shines through the pillars making it mysterious, dramatic and a perfect place for photographers.  Let us show you how to truly enjoy this popular and diverse dive site.

Max. 18 meters/60 feet

Diver requirements:
You need to be a certified diver (minimum Scuba Diver)

*Price: $45
*All-In: $100

* Prices are per person.
* All-In includes the guide, equipment, tank and transportation.

The Salt Pier, one of our favorite dives on Bonaire!